Festive Scented Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils Gift Set - A C D C
Festive Scented Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils Gift Set - A C D C
Festive Scented Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils Gift Set - A C D C

Festive Scents Home Fragrance Diffuser Oils Gift Set

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Enjoy home fragrance through all four seasons with this Festive Ultrasonic Diffuser Oils Boxed Gift. Set includes one each of No 7 Vanilla Leather, No 25 Evergreen Citrus, No 26 Orange Cranberry, No 11 Amber Cinnamon, capturing the amazing seasonal aromas of gatherings in the Spring (crisp citrus), Summer (breezy forest trees), Fall (warm sueded leather) and Holidays (festive cinnamon spice).

Contains four 10ml bottles of oil designed specifically for use in any ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser.

  • Our holiday ultrasonic diffuser oil creates a long lasting, room filling aroma
  • Blended from cosmetic-quality essential oils and fine perfume oils, specially designed to create rich fragrance in the home
  • Hand poured in the USA and made in Texas
  • Comes in a luxurious gold and white gift box
  • Is a perfect gift for all special occasions, holidays and anniversaries
  • Contains NO dyes, parabens, sulfates, pesticides or major allergens
  • Recyclable glass container with European dropper dispenser


What holidays are good for signature scents? Any holiday is perfect to create a mood or atmosphere. In Spring, try Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. In Summer, Memorial Day or July 4. In Fall, Labor Day or Halloween. In Winter, Thanksgiving or Christmas.

What is home fragrance oil used for? Our ultrasonic aroma diffuser oils are designed to release fragrance throughout a room when used in our electric scent diffuser machines. The technology uses water vapor to carry the fragrance, making it safe to use and easy to clean.

How does ultrasonic diffusion work? The ultrasonic diffuser vibrates water molecules together, blending them with home fragrance oil to create a mist that is safe to breathe and released in a measured and controlled way. The automatic settings control the amount (volume) of vapor released, the timing of release and features an auto-shut off function that will stop the release after a set time period or when the water level goes below the minimum amount needed to function.

  • In one of our ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers, add a few drops (4-6) of your favorite oil to water and release scented vapor throughout an entire room
  • Oils are for use with our electric ultrasonic diffusers only, not for bath, body/skin or personal care