Rose Serenity Luxury Linen Mist - A C D C
Rose Serenity Luxury Linen Mist - A C D C
Rose Serenity Luxury Linen Mist - A C D C

Rose Serene Luxury Linen Mist

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Serenity is a both state of mind and the state of relaxation achieved through experiencing calmness of body and spirit. Our Rose Serene Linen and Pillow Mist can be used as an aromatherapy aid to inspire a deep soothing sleep. Infused with the pure essence of rose, this natural mist helps promote a relaxing state of mind for falling asleep faster and awakening feeling renewed. Spray this organic essence on pillows and bed linens just moments before settling into a restful sleep. Thought to inspire mental calmness and emotional balance, the serene rose reigns supreme as the 'Queen of Flowers.'

  • Made in the USA of the finest quality all natural ingredients
  • Ingredients: agua (aromatic water), rose hydrosol (herbal essence of plant materials extracted during essential oil creation), potassium sorbate, lactic acid
  • Frosted glass bottle with gold mister lid
  • Gold and white gift box creates an instant gift for any occasion, including housewarming, birthday, anniversary, teacher, or holiday
  • 3 fl oz / 88 ml fill
  • Hand poured in Texas and made in the USA


Will the pillow mist put me to sleep? The spray is for external use, meaning spritz it on pillows or bed linens a few minutes before bed to set the mood for a restful sleep. It is not a sleep aid, but can provide the right atmosphere to aid in relaxation, creating the conditions needed for sleep.

How much rose essential oil does the linen spray contain? Our mists are made from the actual petals and flowers of the rose plant and are a product created during the production of essential oils. They are completely infused with real rose essence.

  • Spray pillows or bed linens a few minutes before drifting off to sleep Patch test for skin sensitivity before use
  • For external use only; do not ingest or spray directly on skin