No. 7 Vanilla Leather Home Fragrance Diffuser Oil - A C D C
No. 7 Vanilla Leather Home Fragrance Diffuser Oil - A C D C
No. 7 Vanilla Leather Home Fragrance Diffuser Oil - A C D C

No. 7 Vanilla Leather Home Fragrance Diffuser Oil

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Remember the amazing smell of a brand new leather jacket - that aroma which envelops you in a sense of warmth and comfort? The No 7 Vanilla Leather Home Fragrance Ultrasonic Diffuser Oil combines the sumptuous fragrances of aged leather with cozy Tahitian vanilla bean and notes of uplifting citrus peel. Evoking both exotic journeys and familiar comforts, it's perfect in front of a roaring fire, setting the tone for lovely gatherings. Some call it masculine, some call it feminine; we call it popular - everyone comes back for more.


  • Our vanilla leather ultrasonic diffuser oil creates a long lasting, room filling aroma
  • Blended from cosmetic-quality essential oils and fine perfume oils, specially designed to create rich fragrance in the home
  • Hand poured in the USA
  • Comes in a luxurious gold and white gift box.
  • Is a perfect gift for all special occasions, holidays and anniversaries
  • Contains NO dyes, parabens, sulfates, pesticides or major allergens
  • Recyclable glass container with European dropper dispenser


What scents go well with vanilla? We recommend pairing with wood scents like cedar, mahogany, vetiver and sandalwood, with fruit scents like fig, currant and cranberry or with citrus scents like orange or lemon.

What is vanilla used for? Vanilla is the second most expensive spice in the world and said to be the most universally pleasing aroma. In culinary circles it is popular in both sweet and savory foods. It is thought to be an aphrodisiac, grown from orchid-like flowers in remote areas of the world.

What does a vanilla smell like? Real vanilla is earthy, with touches of treacle and a trace of ‘booziness’

    CARE & USE
    • In one of our ultrasonic aromatherapy diffusers, add a few drops (4-6) of your favorite oil to water and release scented vapor throughout an entire room
    • Oils are for use with our electric scent diffusers only, not for bath, body/skin or personal care